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This is where you do all your backing up and any restoring of data that may be required.

Below is a quick outline of good backing up procedures, for more information on any of the backups or restore click the links below...


Alternate Backup

External Backup

Outload for CD


Backup Outline

Backing up your database is a must and you should NEVER rely on anyone else to do it for you!!!!!

If your IT experts say "Don't worry about it... we've got you covered" then just say "Thanks!" and do your own backups anyway. Things go wrong with automatic backups... if your daily backup fails in any way... call us and we'll find out why!

What do we recommend?

If I was running the system I would do 3 backups every day I changed the database.

  1. Utilities / Backup-Restore / Backup - does a system tidy up and makes backups within the working folder
  2. Utilities / Backup-Restore / Alternate Backup - copies data AND software to a hard drive NOT on the server (local hard drive of main computer used for lending and returning... this is a network "failsafe" that can be used if server or network is down for a long time... Obviously it needs to be up-to-date AND you'll need to know how to get the new data back to the Server copy when it's up and running!)
  3. Utilities / Backup-Restore / External Backup - and I would make a new folder everyday for my data by clicking the Add Date button on the External Backup screen. This sends only valuable data to an external drive. We suggest USB memory sticks are a solid choice. The Date folders mean that we can trace problems back and repair things that were un-noticed for a long time.

General Principles for data security...