Alternate Backup...
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This option makes a copy of data AND software to another location (this can be used temporarily if Server / Network is down... you just need to remember to restore the data to the Server once it's up again!)

If you are in anyway not confident about your backup setup, please call the LibCode Office to discuss your setup.

Instructions for Performing Alternative Backup of your Work:-

In a normal system setup the destination for an Alternate Backup is a CMESafe folder on the local hard drive of the main Circulation machine.  These instructions assume you are doing the Alternate Backup while using the main Circulation computer

    1. Load the LibCode Suite (double-click on the icon) and go into Utilities
    2. Type password if necessary and / or click OK
    3. Click Backup / Restore on bar menu
    4. Click Alternate Backup then Yes to begin the backup
    5. A folder selection screen appears and it should read C:\CMESafe or D:\CMESafe… if not you should change it.  If you know your Alternate destination is not C:\CMESAFE D:\CMESafe… please enter those details
    6. Assuming there are no problems a message will pop up to let you know the Alternate Backup is complete