External Backup...
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During this backup unreplaceable data is copied to a USB drive


Backing up All Files...

This option will backup all of the data files and some identification and setup information to removable backup media

Instructions for Performing the External Backup of your Work:-

We consider a portable (external) backup an absolutely necessary element of a reliable data safety routine. Flash, or USB Memory sticks/drives are the most reliable and easily used.


  1. Plug "pen or thumb drive" into the USB Port of the computer
  2. Open LibCode Suite / Utilities / Backup-Restore / External Backup / All
  3. Browse and locate the Removable Disk
  4. Once the directory path appears in the Folder area click the Add Date button. I.e should say J:\Library_Backup\20110825
  5. Click OK
  6. You will be told that this folder does not exist, would you like to create it?  YES
  7. Once the backup is complete you must click on the USB Drive icon on the bottom task bar and then click on STOP USB storage device.  This will shut down the drive so it can be safely removed without damaging any files

Some "experts" say don't worry about telling Windows you are about to disconnect the USB drive...are they going to help you type your lost data back in if something goes wrong?

The MANUFACTURERS say "Please use Windows function to disconnect before removing the USB device" so please do that!