Unreturned Loans Report...
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To generate this report head into Circulation / Reports / Unreturned Loans (Ctrl+U)

The Unreturned Loans screen


  1. Include / Excluse Staff from list with a click
  2. Set a Filter to restrict the displayed list of loans if necessary
  3. Manually highlight loans in the displayed list by using Ctrl+Click
  4. Click the Show Sel Only button to only display the items you have highlighted (repeat this process as necessary to whittle down your list)
  5. Un-Tick the Use Letter Format button to use the standard report format
  6. Click the Preview button when you are ready to see what the report will look like (Print Preview)

You get a confirmation screen to check if you want a new page for each borrower... usually No if you are just handing the info out via roll groups...


...and the report appears